• “Dr. Herb suggested that I try implementing Foods Alive High Lignan Flax Oil into my diet and so I did. After just 2 weeks of taking 2 tablespoons a day I found that the pain in my body was completely gone.  I now call Foods Alive Flax Oil, miracle in a bottle. I strongly recommend Foods Alive Flax Oil, not only because it is one of the freshest and best tasting flax oils on the market but that it works so quickly in helping my body to thrive.”

    Scott H. from Georgia
    Artisan Cold-Pressed Organic Golden Flax Oil

  • “For a salad dressing that is truly good for you, it actually tastes really good :)  Try finding that anywhere else... you won't.”

    Jill B. from Overland Park, IL
    Artisan Cold-Pressed Superfood Dressings

  • “I will never make my own dressing again!  Why bother when there are so many GREAT choices here - each one delicious and SO GOOD FOR ME!!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful product.  Well Done!”

    Debbie from La Connor, WA
    Artisan Cold-Pressed Superfood Dressings

  • “Your store is the best find I have found this year!   Love the protein powder, but I really love the super dressings.  I have turned many friends and relatives onto them! 

    Many thanks for super products!”

    Diana F. from Bumpass, VA
    Protein Powders

  • “Tastes decadent! Onion Rings are one of my favorite things, and now I can eat these without guilt or illness.  They are wonderful!”

    Paula from Wisconsin
    Good'N Hearty Onion Ring Clusters

  • “These had a great taste, the curry is a very good mix with coconut. As soon as I opened the pouch I was filled with the scent of curry, quite excellent.”

    Sean M. from Riverside, RI
    Coconut Curry Power Crackers

  • “LOVE the salad dressings and ALL of the products..they taste GREAT and also are super healthy! Plus, the Foods Alive Company is in their INTEGRITY!! Thank YOU!! You have made a lifetime, loyal customer of me! LOVE and GRATITUDE 2 U!”

    Lori S.
    Artisan Cold-Pressed Superfood Dressings

  • “Best Cacao Powder I've tried! I've tried several raw brands and this one is definitely my favorite so far! It's got a wonderful flavor!”

    Lucy B. from Morrison, MO
    Organic Raw Cacao Powder

  • “Seriously, these things are amazing!! My seven year old even loves them! He loves when I send them as his school snack.”

    Mikah S. from Fort Riley, KS
    Ginger Snap Flax Snackers

  • “Oh my goodness, what awesome fresh clear great tasting flax seed oil!!!  This is the most perfect oil for the Budwig Protocol where the lignans are not helpful. Thank you so very much for providing this product!”

    Jerry from North Carolina
    Artisan Cold-Pressed Organic Golden Flax Oil

  • “We truly believe this flax oil is the freshest organic flax oil anywhere!  We love it!”

    Pat from North Carolina
    Artisan Cold-Pressed Organic Golden Flax Oil

  • “After literally years of testing homemade dressings for my very particular, twenty-something son, I brought home some Garlic Paprika (formerly Mike's Special) dressing. He's eating salads again!!!

    Thanks so much for making this delicious, healthy, amazing product!”

    Cynthia D. from Wilmette, IL
    Garlic Paprika Superfood Dressing

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