• USDA Certified Organic

  • Vegan - Dairy and Gluten Free

  • Artisan Crafted In Small Batches

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try our sprouted crisps!

Can you recall the best-tasting health food you ever had?

One that's full of flavor, has an appealing texture, tastes like a decadent gourmet treat and yet made with simple, clean, and organic ingredients. We bet you can't, or most likely you have tried, but it's not a healthy food– it was probably just junk food.

We are a better foods company!

Foods Alive is a family-company, crafting healthy foods since 1999. Just like you, we strive for the optimal health and well-being of our loved ones, which is why you will find only the highest-quality ingredients in the foods we make. From our family to yours, may you have health, wealth, and happiness.