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Organic, Vegan, Plant-Based, Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free

Organic Natural Sesame Seeds

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    Foods Alive Organic Natural Sesame Seeds - Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Keto-Friendly, Raw, Kosher, BPA-Free Packaging

    Natural sesame seeds have one of the most recognizable flavors in the world and have been incorporated into a wide variety of foods. Sesame seeds are a natural source of protein, fiber, and healthy fatty acids. Enjoy these seeds and join the superfood crowd!

    High Quality

    • Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, and Kosher.


    • Our seeds are fresh and packed with goodness. Macrominerals like calcium (one gram of seeds contains approximately 85 milligrams of calcium) and magnesium can be good for your health, and trace minerals like iron, copper, and manganese are important for regulating your metabolism.

    Be Creative

    • Our natural sesame seeds are unhulled (it's the whole entire seed) to give you a crunchy and tasty treat that you can enjoy raw or lightly toasted. 
    • Because our seeds have their shells, they're crunchier and have a stronger flavor. They also deliver more lignans and beneficial unsaturated fatty acids.
    • Make your own fresh tahini, add them to baked goods, granola, yogurts, energy bars, crackers, soups, sauces, dips, or breads.
    • You can also sprinkle them on your next salad to go along with one of our gourmet superfood salad dressings.


    Raw sesame seeds (whole entire seed).*
    *Organic Ingredient

    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Country of Origin: Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, or India

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    Organic Natural Sesame Seeds - 12oz - Front - Foods Alive
    Organic Natural Sesame Seeds -Foods Alive
    Organic Natural Sesame Seeds - 12oz - Back - Foods Alive
    Organic Natural Sesame Seeds - 12oz - 3- Pack - Foods Alive
    Organic Natural Sesame Seeds - 12oz - 6- Pack - Foods Alive

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