Are you a social media influencer that is passionate about health and wellness?

Eligible affiliates* will receive a $35 coupon to order any FOODS ALIVE* products from our website + FREE shipping every month.

duties of an affiliate

  • share


    Share your discount code with your followers.

    You will have your own discount code that you can share. You will earn 20% of each sale on Foods Alive products (only).

  • create


    Create a reel, story, or post using Foods Alive products.

    You can use Foods Alive products in your recipe. You can also share an informational health tip that relates to a product.

  • promote


    Promote Foods Alive at least once a month, and don't forget to tag @foodsalive on your post AND in the caption to showcase which Foods Alive product you used.

    We'll share your post on our social media pages and give you full credit by tagging you in the re-post.

  • redeem


    Redeem your affiliate earnings when you reach a threshold of $100. A payout is then issued automatically to you.

affiliate application

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