Foods Alive is a family-owned and operated business that cares more about the quality of food and the effects of producing it on our planet than profiting for oneself. We adhere to a strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in order to maintain our Certified Organic Certification and our Kosher Certification. We sprouted to life in 1999 when the first seeds were sown by Ellen and Michael Moor, their son Matt and his wife Tammy.

  • Michael and Ellen Moor


    Meet the family that started and still runs Foods Alive.

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    See how much Foods Alive has grown over the years.

Foods Alive Organic CrackersFoods Alive Organic Crackers

It Started With Flax Crackers...

Foods Alive began by making flax crackers. They fell in love with the health benefits of the flax crackers they first encountered back in 1999 while visiting Creative Health Institute in Union City, Michigan. This inspired Ellen to begin making flax crackers for her family, and everyone thought they were deliciously amazing and just too good to keep to themselves. So they decided to start sharing these organic, gluten-free, vegan, high fiber crackers with the world. As a result, they now have a variety of flavors to choose from.

Foods Alive Organic Artisan Cold-Pressed Gold Flax OilFoods Alive Organic Artisan Cold-Pressed Gold Flax Oil

Artisan Cold-Pressed Gold Flax Oil...

In 2006, they introduced their very own artisan cold-pressed golden flax oil. Everybody thought that their gold flax oil tasted so buttery that they couldn’t believe it was flax. Eventually, they created artisan salad dressings using their cold-pressed oils. Their oils and dressings have always been the freshest and best-tasting on the market and they consistently beat the leading brands in blind taste tests. These dressings are so healthy that using them on one salad a day may provide you with all of your omega-3 EFAs.

Foods Alive Organic Garlic Paprika Salad DressingFoods Alive Organic Garlic Paprika Salad Dressing

Artisan Salad Dressings...

Foods Alive's golden flax oil dressings have also spread across the country changing the flax oil market from a boring supplement into a delicious dining experience. Finally, there’s a truly healthy, delicious salad dressing on the shelf, void of highly refined canola, soy and sunflower oils that everyone can enjoy, while getting their daily dose of omega rich EFAs! What better way for finicky children and adults to get their essential fatty acids?