Meet the Foods Alive Family

Michael and Ellen

Michael & Ellen Moor

We cofounded Foods Alive with our son Matt and his wife Tammy. In the early days our son Jake and daughter Libby also helped in starting the company. And don't forget Gram, my mom, who use to flip the crackers over around 8pm in the evening so that Ellen and I could have some free time.

Favorite Foods Alive product?

We love the crackers with a salad, the globe trekker is a great sugar free snack and the salad dressings and oils get used daily. When I was growing up, I don't remember ever eating any foods that contained omega essential fatty acids.

Matt and Tammy

Matt & Tammy Alvord

We have been here from the very beginning. Matt continues to wear many hats and helps keep the ever expanding company organized and working smoothly. In early 2017, Tammy continued her ever-loving eagerness to learn and help others by starting her own holistic nutritionist practice called Life’s Little Treasures.

Favorite Foods Alive product?

We really love our Lemon Crunch Sweet Snackers, Creamy Italian & Asian Ginger Superfood Dressings. We also love our Hulled Hemp Seeds, Maca Powder, Cacao Powder in our morning smoothies, and our White Mulberries are awesome in yogurt and granola.