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Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate From Moringa

cocoringa - moringa hot chocolate

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    Start your family off right with a cup of nutrient-dense hot chocolate with moringa and cacao!

    This incredibly tasty and delicious hot cocoa is packed with immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients is a unique blend of moringa, high-fiber plant creamer, and dark cacao.

    Drink at least one cup per day for 14-days in a row and see the difference CocoRinga makes for you!

    CocoRinga is a non-dairy, multi-nutrient, multi-vitamin hot chocolate made with natural unprocessed cacao. Containing two superfoods (cacao and moringa), a natural pre- and pro-biotic sweetener (oligosaccharide from chicory root), and high-fiber plant creamer (from coconut and tapioca) adults and kids will love this! You can drink this with hot water or cold water—and you can even add it to smoothies, shakes, or baked goods.


    Most hot chocolate beverages are made with fillers, cheap ingredients, and sugars.

    Hot chocolate is a comforting and delicious beverage of choice for many adults and children. Most hot chocolate beverages are made with fillers, cheap ingredients, and sugars, so it is important to pay attention to what you put in your body. CocoRinga enables you to enjoy hot chocolate without the negative effects of cheap sugars and fillers.

    One cup provides you and your family a whole host of nutrition.


    • 17 x the calcium of milk
    • 15 x the potassium of bananas
    • 10 x the vitamin A of carrots
    • 9 x the protein of yogurt
    • 4 x the chlorophyll of wheatgrass
    • 25 x the iron of spinach
    • 92 nutrients
    • 46 antioxidants
    • Omegas 3, 6 and 9
    • Zeatin
    • Vitamin A – Z

    Why is CocoRinga the healthiest hot cocoa in the world?

    CocoRinga only has four ingredients: cacao, high-fiber plant creamer (coconut and tapioca), oligosaccharide (from chicory root), and moringa.

    The first ingredient is cacao—whereas other hot chocolate mixes have sugar as their first ingredient. That’s right—sugar! CocoRinga has no added sugar.

    The second ingredient—plant creamer is made from coconut milk and tapioca. This plant creamer is a digestive aid and makes CocoRinga rich and creamy, whereas other hot chocolate mixes use cheap milk solids, fillers and in some instances approximately ten more ingredients for their creamer.

    The third ingredient—oligosaccharides is made from the root of the chicory plant. This is a sweet sap that gives CocoRinga the sweet taste without using sugar. The sap is an inulin which is also a great digestive agent and pre- and pro-biotic.

    The fourth ingredient—moringa has been used to fight malnutrition and provides all of the essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body. In countries where malnutrition is a problem, the governments have invested in moringa cultivation to successfully tackle the issue of malnutrition.


    How many sugars and carbs are in CocoRinga?

    CocoRinga has no added sugar. There are 1.8 grams of naturally occurring sugar from the coconut and tapioca used to make the plant creamer and from the chicory root sap used as the sweetener. There are only 10 grams of carbs—mostly from the fiber content.

    How many servings are in a box?

    There is a 2-week supply of CocoRinga in each box—14 individually packed sachets.

    I am diabetic, can I drink CocoRinga?

    Yes, you can. Unlike other hot chocolate mixes on the market, CocoRinga has no added or refined sugars. Plus, since we use unprocessed cacao and moringa, CocoRinga helps to reduce glucose levels. CocoRinga also improves insulin resistance and glucose metabolism.

    Can the whole family enjoy?

    You bet!

    What are oligosaccharides?

    Oligosaccharides are the natural sweetener from chicory root used in CocoRinga. It is a pre-biotic and keeps the colon and digestive tract running smoothly. It also aids in lowering cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, and is good for diabetics because it improves glucose metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity. For more info about oligosaccharides, please click here.

    Can I drink CocoRina cold?

    Absolutely. Simply mix the contents with a small amount of hot water to fully dissolve, then add cold water, ice, or simply refrigerate or freeze.

    I find it hard to mix, any suggestions?

    You might not be using hot water. Please ensure the water is hot and only mix a small amount of water ensuring the mixture is fully dissolved. Add more hot water bit-by-bit to your desired taste.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Mishi Stallard
    Best Cocoringa Hot chocolate

    Best decision ever made to mix with my coffee! I suffer from status migrainous and a friend from church told me about this hot chocolate and how it help a little with her migraines! So glad I made the change!

    Amy Grady

    Love this drink


    I love this product. It is very very chocolatey:-). You don't have to use the whole packet if you don't want to. I add just a little bit in my coffee everyday. So one packet lasts me for almost a week, using it with my coffee. You can also make it as a hot chocolate with milk or water and you can add your traditional things like marshmallows or whipped cream if you like :-) In my opinion and based on what I've read, it's also a very healthy chocolate drink so you can feel confident giving it to your children.