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garlic paprika - organic dressing

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    Our cold-pressed golden flax oil is paired with a savory garlic and aromatic paprika flavor to create this superfood dressing. This top-notch dressing packs a flavorful punch and puts a healthy twist on any dish! With a cold-pressed omega packed oil base this dressing is one of the healthiest additions to any salad.


    Unrefined gold flax oil*, filtered water, apple cider vinegar*, maple syrup*, garlic powder*, paprika powder*, Himalayan pink salt, mustard powder*, black pepper*.
    *Organic Ingredient

    Product of the USA. Artisan crafted in Angola, Indiana.

    Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that also processes nuts and sesame.


    Refrigeration upon receipt.

    Shelf Life: 8 Months (refrigerated)

    *Freezing extends shelf life

    *Shake well before use

    suggested use

    This dressing is a great addition to a variety of dishes and always the perfect salad topping! From sandwiches and wraps to pasta and rice the possibilities are endless!


    Do cold-pressed oils need to be refrigerated?

    After the cold-pressing process, we keep all oils and dressings refrigerated until shipment. The relatively short shipment times, where the product is not refrigerated, will do no harm. Upon receipt we suggest refrigeration to provide a longer shelf life for the product.

    What does cold-pressed mean?

    Cold-pressed means grinding or crushing a product slowly, without heat or chemicals, to extract pure natural oil from its source. Unfiltered and minimally processed, cold-pressed oils still have their nutritional value intact compared to other oils that are over processed and filled with chemicals.

    Are the plastic bottles BPA-free?

    Yes, we use BPA-free bottles made of Polyethylene. Our bottles are also black, unlike many other brands, to protect the oils from light, which can degrade the oil.

    Can I cook with this artisan cold-pressed oil?

    Cooking with cold-pressed oils is not recommended as the omega essential fatty acids are delicate and high heat will destroy them. However, you can use the oils after cooking by adding it to your meal before consumption.

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    Organic Garlic Paprika Salad Dressing - 8oz
    Organic Garlic Paprika Salad Dressing Label - 8oz
    Organic Garlic Paprika Salad Dressing - 16oz
    Organic Garlic Paprika Salad Dressing Label - 16oz

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    Dexter J.
    Great product!

    Great tasting, and healthy products. A little expensive, but worth the price.

    So good !!!

    Really soo good !!! 👍

    Dexter J.
    Great Product

    Great taste for the price!