2021 Has Arrived!

2021 Has Arrived!

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

We are now four days into 2021, and the blog is back! Here in northern Indiana, we got freezing rain on New Years Day. That may not seem like a great start to 2021, but that is not a sign of what is to come.

While that may have been a crazy way to begin the new year, that does not mean we should lose hope. 2020 was an incredibly difficult year that many of us would rather forget. Some people expect 2021 to be either exactly the same or the polar opposite of its predecessor. 

The truth is that 2021 will be what we make of it. While external circumstances play a role in that, they are not what will make or break the time we have this year. It’s up to each of us individually to have a good year. It’s what we make for ourselves, not what the year brings on its own.

Foods Alive hopes to make this a great year for its employees and for you! Maybe you made some resolutions for yourself, you may have goals you want to reach, or perhaps you just want to get through the year. Whatever your plans are, Foods Alive is here to support you.

Whether your goals are fitness, health, mental wellbeing, or anything else, there is something for you at Foods Alive. Newfound fitness lovers can get a blast of protein from any one of our protein powders, and those looking to eat a healthier diet in the new year can find foods such as goji berries or almonds packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. For those looking for a healthy mood, they may choose some DoTerra Essential Oils to soothe the body and mind.

There is something for everyone here, and we want to help you find it. Whether you’re looking to fulfill specific needs or just want to try something new, you’re doing something amazing. I suggest a simple change at first. Try replacing some cheese with Nutritional Yeast or sprinkling some hemp seeds on your salad! The possibilities are endless.

Tell us about your goals for this year by tagging us on social media. Show your process and how Foods Alive is helping you get there. You may even get featured on our social media! Things may not go exactly to plan, but there are no failures, only lessons. From the Foods Alive family, we wish you a happy and healthy 2021!