The Healthy Hair Guide

The Healthy Hair Guide

Hair is often a huge source of confidence or insecurity depending on the relationship one holds with their hair. You may love it, you may hate it. Many are not taking care of their hair properly, which may lead to damage and insecurity around their hair. Your hair is your crown, so taking care of it properly is crucial.


Hair health, like most other forms of health, starts from within. Hair is the fastest growing tissue on the human body, and it needs nutrients just like the skin or eyes. These nutrients come from the diet. While hair, skin, and nail vitamins may help, it is possible to get all the essential vitamins and nutrients from a healthy diet. 


Firstly, hair needs to be hydrated from within as well as topically. By staying hydrated, the hair will grow stronger and faster. Other key nutrients are protein, zinc, and Omega fatty acids. These all contribute to strong, healthy strands of hair by fortifying it from within. Luckily, you can get these nutrients fairly easily with the help of Foods Alive.


Some great sources of all of these nutrients are almonds, walnuts, and pecans! These crunchy treats provide protein and healthy fats that are essential for overall health. Because Foods Alive carries raw products, none of the nutrients are cooked out. Get the full force of healthy nutrients when you enjoy Foods Alive walnuts or almonds.


You can also incorporate Foods Alive Flax Seeds or Omega Power Oil into your diet for a boost of Omega energy. These may support hair health and overall health by providing essential nutrients. We also carry an array of Protein Powders to support healthy digestion, muscles, and hair.


Another way to care for your hair is with the products you use. There are aisles upon aisles dedicated to haircare in every grocery store, but the question is which ones are good and which are bad? It may not be the brands or prices that denote a good or bad product, but the ingredients.


There are several things that your hair does not like, and they could be lurking in any product. “High-end” products may have some of these ingredients, and “low-end” products may not, so it’s important to select the right product for your specific hair needs. Typically, you want to avoid three things: silicones, sulfates, and parabens.


Silicones can damage hair by creating a coating on the individual strands. This gives you the illusion of soft, healthy hair, but the coating can hide brittleness and may cause split ends. Sulfates are added to make shampoos lather easily, but they may cause damage to strands and make them dry and brittle as well.


Parabens act as a type of synthetic hormone, and they may interfere with reproductive health with long-term exposure. It is important to find products that do not include these ingredients but also fit into your budget. Not all expensive products are good for your hair. There are many options that will fit your hair type and budget without using these harmful ingredients.


Products are not the only thing that may damage hair. Heat is just as harsh on hair as the chemicals in some products. Whether that be styling tools like a blow-dryer or curling iron, or even a hot shower, heat is damaging. Heat opens the cuticle of the hair strand, exposing it to damage.


To avoid this damage, try cutting down the heat with heatless styles, air-drying your hair, and using a heat protectant when using styling tools. You may even choose to invest in a heatless straightener if you straighten your hair often. You could also opt to wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water rather than hot water.


Your hair is your constant accessory, so how you wear it should make you feel good. Taking care of your hair inside and out can boost your confidence and help you to feel proud of your locks. Foods Alive is here to support and encourage you on this journey of physical and mental health!