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Healthy Asian Ginger Dressing

Homemade salad dressings are great, but can sometimes be time consuming. And let's face it, having a bottle of salad dressing stored in our fridge is more convenient especially if we are out of a key ingredient or two. However, we need to carefully choose which healthy salad dressings we buy from the store, as finding a healthy one is a challenge.

Fortunately, Foods Alive offers a variety of truly healthy and organic salad dressings made WITHOUT the use of soybean or canola oil. 

Have you tried our Asian Ginger Superfood Dressing? If you haven't, then you should! The taste of the ginger adds zing to your greens or rainbow salad! It begins when hemp oil and black sesame oil unite with zesty ginger, savory garlic, and a dash of cayenne to create a mouth-dazzling sensation reminiscent of the orient. 

Organic Artisan Cold-Pressed Asian Ginger Dressing with Hemp Oil & Black Sesame Oil | Foods Alive

Are you drooling yet? 

Asian Ginger tastes so good that you might end up wondering, "is it really healthy for you?"

Don't worry, Foods Alive doesn't sacrifice health for taste. But hey! The dressings really taste fantastic! Asian Ginger is made with the freshest, cold-pressed organic hemp and organic black sesame oils. There are NO preservatives, refined sugar, artificial flavors or colors, high fructose corn syrup, or refined oils in ALL Foods Alive's dressings. Did we also mention that it's an easy way to add Omega-3s to your diet?

Let your imagination run wild and and pour this on any dish you can think of, or drizzle your salad with this outrageously great-tasting and nutritious superfood dressing!


Asian Ginger is made with Hemp oil*, Black Sesame oil*, filtered water, Bragg liquid aminos(a non-GMO, wheat-free soy sauce), coconut sugar*, rice vinegar*, ginger powder*, chia seed*, Himalayan pink salt, garlic granules*, chili powder*, cayenne pepper*

 *Organic Ingredient