Organic Sweet Mustard Salad Dressing | Artisan Cold-Pressed Golden Flax Oil | Raw, Vegan, Kosher | Foods Alive

Dijon Sweet Mustard Dressing

If you have finicky kids that don't like salad or any fresh greens on their plate, try dressing their veggies with something sweet yet nourishing. Don't just grab a bottle from the store as some have refined stuff lurking even in a healthy-looking salad dressing. READ the INGREDIENTS. You don't want to top off your salad with the wrong dressing and ingesting refined, industrial oils to you and your kids' body. 

Fortunately, Foods Alive offers Sweet Mustard Superfood Dressing that will enhance the flavor and bring out the best of your salad or anything you use it on. It is the healthiest dressing on the market!

Organic Sweet Mustard Salad Dressing | Artisan Cold-Pressed Golden Flax Oil | Raw, Vegan, Kosher | Foods Alive

When our flax oil is united with Dijon mustard and sweet coconut sugar, it creates a succulent dressing that will have you saying, “Move over honey mustard!” Now everyone, including ornery seniors and picky kids, can enjoy all the benefits of essential Omega Oils. They will surely love this superfood dressing on anything! It's just the right balance of sweet and mustardy flavors. 

Sweet Mustard Superfood Dressing has NO preservatives, MSG, artificial flavoring and coloring, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and no over-processed, refined oils. You can be assured that this dressing is wholesome, clean, nutritious, and delicious. This dressing is ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, RAW, VEGAN, AND KOSHER. 

What makes this dressing superior?

Sweet Mustard is a superfood dressing rather than just a salad dressing. It is made with the freshest, artisan cold-pressed gold flax oil. Foods Alive's Organic High Lignan Gold Flax Oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrient-rich lignans, so you're getting the essential fatty acids (EFAs) while eating your salad drizzled with Sweet Mustard!

So the next time your kids say "no" to their veggies, just remember to grab a bottle of Sweet Mustard and pour some all over their salad. Not only are they tasting the appetizing flavor of the dressing, but they are also getting the good nutrients needed for their body.


Sweet Mustard is made with Gold flax oil*, dijon mustard* (apple cider vinegar*, water, mustard seed*, salt, turmeric*, spices*), filtered water, coconut sugar*, apple cider vinegar*, Himalayan pink salt

*Organic Ingredient