Energy Boosting Snacks

Energy Boosting Snacks

For hundreds of people worldwide, energy seems to be in short supply. Often people drudge through the afternoon in a daze, hardly able to focus on the work of the day. There are several things one can do in order to battle that afternoon haze aside from copious amounts of caffeine. Often, caffeine interrupts sleep patterns, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of caffeine dependence to ward off the drowsiness it causes. But caffeine is not the only way to boost energy.

Superfoods may provide an answer to the afternoon lull. These foods have earned the name superfood for good reason. There are alternatives to vending machine snacks and coffee to fill that void of exhaustion. Unlike caffeine, these foods offer sustained energy, rather than a short burst followed by a hard crash.

Firstly, one of the most potent superfoods is goji berries. Goji berries are a wealth of benefits. These may be the king of all superfoods as they are rich in nutrients and are associated with longevity. Goji Berries contain vitamin C, all 19 essential amino acids, and 21 trace minerals. These minerals and amino acids may help to support sustained energy release, keeping the mind sharp all day.

As a substitute for coffee, there are a few options. Firstly, green tea offers many more health benefits such as antioxidants and low levels of caffeine. These properties may provide a boost without the crash of coffee. Or for those who enjoy the flavor of coffee, Foods Alive carries the perfect alternative: BioCoffee! BioCoffee is actually made of coffee that is naturally decaffeinated. The drink also includes wheatgrass and a natural creamer. Enjoy all the flavor and energy with none of the side effects.

For those who like a crunchy snack, there is a perfect food. Walnuts, almonds, and cashews all provide a boost of energy. With high amounts of healthy fat, these nuts may help boost energy and help sustain it throughout the day. All three contain Omega 3’s and healthy antioxidants, so they deserve the name superfood. Snack on a handful of these to help sustain energy throughout the day.

Sugar and caffeine are not the solutions to that afternoon energy dip. In fact, they may be causing it. Instead of depending on a latte, try something new. Foods Alive offers dozens of products that may help give you a sustained, long-lasting boost of energy. Snack on goji berries or cashews straight from the bag, or mix it up with some Globe Trekker Trail mix! The snack possibilities are endless, and each one is good and good for you.