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simple cheesy goodness (nutritional yeast)

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    Nature's cheesy delight! Unfortified nutritional yeast is a pure, natural source of nutrition and flavor. It's a delicious way to boost your meals with a burst of cheesy, umami-infused flavor while reaping the nutritional benefits of protein, B-vitamins, and essential minerals that our unfortified nutritional yeast offers.

    Unlike most nutritional yeast products, our nutritional yeast is not fortified with synthetic B-vitamins. Made in the USA this yeast is non-GMO and gluten-free. 


    Dried Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

    Country of Origin: United States of America

    Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that also processes nuts and sesame.


    Refrigeration not required. Store in cool, dark, dry place.

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    suggested use

    This natural yeast product boasts a delicate, nutty, and cheesy flavor, making it perfect for sprinkling over popcorn, roasted vegetables, or baked potatoes. It can also be used as a topping for salads or incorporated into dips, sauces, and vegan cheese recipes for a delightful and guilt-free cheesy experience!


    Is our nutritional yeast gluten-free?

    Yes, it contains less than 5ppm. Click here to see the lab test results.

    Is our nutritional yeast Non-GMO?

    Yes. Our nutritional yeast supplier is NGE CERTIFIED (certified non-genetically engineered).

    GMO testing has shown there is no GMO protein or DNA in the raw materials used as the growth substrate. The nutritional yeast is considered non-GMO, following EEC regulations. They contain no GMO enzymes, have not been solvent-extracted, synthetically preserved, or irradiated. They contain no artificial flavors or colors. There is no sewer sludge, petrochemical substrate, or sulfite waste liquor involved with any step of production.

    What is the nutritional yeast grown on?

    The substrate is a combination of beet molasses and corn sugar as the carbohydrate source. The carbohydrate source is consumed by the yeast during the growth process and is not present in the finished product.

    Is the nutritional yeast grown on sulfured or unsulfured molasses?

    The nutritional yeast is grown on unsulfured molasses.

    Are any sulfites added at any point of the processing?


    Are synthetic vitamins added or are they produced naturally?

    Nothing is added and all vitamins and minerals occur naturally.
    Nothing synthetic is added to our nutritional yeast.

    Is it free of candida Albicans?

    Yes, our yeast does not contain candida Albicans.

    Does our nutritional yeast contain MSG?

    Nutritional yeast contains naturally occurring glutamate. The glutamate found in nutritional yeast is “bound” to other amino acids or proteins meaning your body can control how much is absorbed and the rest can be passed off as waste.

    Do you have an allergen statement from the manufacture of this product?

    Click here to view the allergen statement.

    Is our nutritional yeast tested for lead?

    Testing has been performed by an independent accredited laboratory in the U.S. which is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory.  Results for yeast tested have been at levels less than 0.02ppm which is the lowest limit that their equipment can detect.

    Is your nutritional yeast irradiated?

    No. Our nutritional yeast is NOT irradiated

    Is your nutritional yeast active? Can I use it to make bread?

    No. Our nutritional yeast is NOT active and will not make bread rise.

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