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organic jungle peanuts / heirloom

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    Purchase of these heirloom jungle peanuts supports the preservation of the indigenous Shuar culture in Ecuador and Peru. The income from their native product allows them to gain legal title to their ancestral lands, keep out oil companies, and protect Mother Earth.


    Organic Unroasted Jungle Peanuts.

    Country of Origin: Ecuador

    Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that also processes nuts and sesame.


    Refrigeration not required. Store in cool, dark, dry place.

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    suggested use

    Eat straight from the bag or roast and salt for a great snack! These seeds are great for nut butter and trail mixes. Check out our back of bag recipe ‘roasted broccoli + peanuts’ and head over to our recipe page for more!


    What is the difference between domestic peanuts and wild jungle peanuts?

    Unlike domestic peanuts, these organic heirloom jungle peanuts are low in aflatoxin, a type of fungi found in certain agricultural crops, and are a sustainable rainforest product.

    More about the Shuar Tribe:

    The indigenous group of approximately 4,300 Shuar people has title to roughly two million acres of primary forest. The Shuar are one of an increasing number of Amazonian indigenous groups who are organizing against oil exploration activities that threaten their territory. Although the Shuar have demanded that no oil development occur on their land, ARCO has the exploration rights to two areas in their territory that encompass 2.5 million acres. The Shuar insist that all communities affected by proposed development must play a part in deciding how traditional land is used. The Shuar are putting pressure on ARCO and the Ecuadorian government to recognize their right to self-determination.

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    Foods Alive - Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts - 8 oz
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