Bring Your Water Back to Life

Mimic the Essence of Spring Water

Mayu Swirl improves the quality and taste of any water poured into it.
The vortex restructures and aerates the water with fresh oxygen, after its long journey running compressed through straight pipelines.

Mayu Water Swirl

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

“Love our Mayu. Our 14 year old daughter is finally drinking more water instead of wanting soda. My skin is less dry, even in the Arizona desert”

- Gracie

Mayu Water Swirl

Inspired by Nature

The whirlpool brings the water and air into close contact, dissolving fresh oxygen and accelerating the evaporation of volatile compounds.
It aerates the water, letting it “breathe” (like fine wine exposed to air just 6,000 times faster).

Swirl for 7 minutes with the lid off to return your water to its natural sweet, silky mouthfeel and healthy equilibrium.

Mayu Water Swirl

Perfect-Vortex Technology

The porcelain base is the vortex generator. It uses solid-state load cells that sense the presence of the carafe in order to begin the swirling motion automatically; in turn, it calibrates the strength and speed of the aerator disc, according to the amount of water in the carafe, thus creating a constant and perfect vortex.

Mayu Water Swirl

We Are Mostly Water

We are incredibly minded about what we eat, but what about what we drink?

Stay well hydrated and treat yourself to the best water possible for healthy long life. Every drop counts.