The Benefits of Cardio

The Benefits of Cardio

We all know cardio is good for you, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? Cardio doesn’t have to be a three-mile run every day. Just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise has shown some great health benefits.


1. Cardiovascular Health

There’s a reason it’s called aerobic exercise! Cardio causes your muscles to use up energy, so you need a continuous supply of oxygen. This exercise supports lung health and may aid asthma. It supports a healthy heart by exercising the heart muscle in a safe, controlled manner. Circulation may improve, and it may even help regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. All around, your body will feel great.

Because it burns calories, cardio helps to keep you at a healthy weight. This may help reduce excess adipose deposits and keep fat from building around the organs. While a healthy amount of fat is good and necessary, cardio helps keep you at that good and healthy point. This also may reduce risk of illness and disease.


2. Sleep

Cardio may promote healthy sleep! By wearing your body out during the day, your body will take sleep cues much better. Exercise produces serotonin, which is then transformed into melatonin as bedtime approaches. Cardio during the day has shown promise in promoting deep, continuous sleep throughout the night.


3. Mood and Mental Health

As stated above, exercise causes a boost in serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone! Exercise can help alleviate stress and allows a positive outlet for stress and frustration. It also creates a fantastic and healthy coping mechanism for mental illness or trauma.

Exercise is a great way to care for yourself in every way! Whether it’s a walk around the park or a run on the treadmill, cardio is fantastic for you. Be safe and healthy, don’t push yourself too far, and have fun!