Are Pepitas the same as Pumpkin seeds?

Are Pepitas the same as Pumpkin seeds?

Here at Foods Alive, we are beginning to see autumn in full swing around our little corner of Indiana. Autumnal flavors are once again appearing at coffee shops and on grocery shelves as we pack up our swimsuits and dig out our comfiest sweaters and flannels in preparation for cooler weather. One of our favorite products to snack on this time of year are our raw, organic pumpkin seeds! Foods Alive pumpkin seeds are completely different from the seeds you’ll find when you carve out your Halloween jack-o-lantern this year. But what makes our pumpkin seeds different?

The pumpkin seeds we package at Foods Alive can also be referred to as pepitas. Pepitas, Spanish for “little seed of squash”, are seeds that come from certain types of pumpkins and do not require shelling. These oval green seeds have a subtle natural sweetness and are smooth and nutty in taste. Some different pumpkin varieties that produce these shell-free seeds are Lady Godiva, Naked Bear, Austria Oil Seed and Kakai Hulless. Since these seeds don’t have an exterior shell, they are often used as a topping in baked goods, thrown into trail mixes or mixed into a salad to provide a crunchy texture. The convenience of these seeds is great, but what’s even greater are the benefits from eating them!

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources for magnesium, which can help to reduce blood sugar levels. Since they are rich in healthy fats, magnesium and zinc they are considered a heart healthy snack. Pumpkin seeds are also packed with antioxidants like vitamin E and carotenoids that help reduce inflammation, and eating them can improve digestive health since they are high in fiber. Furthermore, pumpkin seeds are a natural source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that promotes sleep!

Welcome the change of season and reap the benefits of this nutritional powerhouse today! You can enjoy Foods Alive pumpkin seeds raw, roasted or salted. They are great from the bag but are also the perfect addition to your seasonal baked goods or salads. Going on a hike to take in the changing color of the leaves? Add our pumpkin seeds to your trail mix for a protein boost!