Sprouting Foods Alive Crisps

Foods Alive Crisp Sprouting in Small White Bowl

Sprouted Crisps

We begin the unique process of sprouting our seeds by soaking a variety of organic, omega-3 dense seeds in filtered water. Soaking the seeds starts the process of germination (sprouting), which increases the nutritional value while also making the seeds easier to consumer and digest.

When flax seeds and chia seeds are soaked, they begin to sprout, which breaks the outer hull and allows a gel to form. This gel is the result of soluble fiber in the seeds reacting to liquid and is what creates a batter consistency that we can then form into our hexagonal crisp shapes.

The process known as ‘sprouting’ allows the seeds to release their beneficial nutrients; otherwise, you would have to grind up the seed or chew it thoroughly in order to digest it properly.

As the seeds continue to sit and sprout, we add in additional ingredients to create a flavorful punch. We then gently dehydrate the mixture at a very low temperature.

Dehydration is the act of extracting moisture, letting us preserve the vital living enzymes and essential nutrients of the seeds that were made available when sprouted. The low temperature dehydration process we use keeps the plant-based nutrients available for your consumption, as certain natural health properties, such as the omega-3 fatty acids, are affected and destroyed with extreme heat.

While this intricate, small-batch method preserves the vital living enzymes and essential nutrients, it also means that our crisps are still alive! Alive and ready to sprout! If you are interested in having sprouts or are just ready for a fun experiment follow the steps below.

Sprouting Foods Alive Crisps:

Step 1: First, obtain a container (bowl, plate, dish), paper towels, water, and Foods Alive sprouted crisps.

Step 2: Wet a paper towel and place on the container surface.

Step 3: Place a crisp (or a few) on the wet paper towel.

Step 4: Cover the crisps with another wet paper towel.

Step 5: Over the course of several days continue to spritz or dampen the paper towel until the seeds begin to sprout. During this process the crisp will take on a gel like texture, the form before it was dehydrated, as the seeds restart their sprouting process.

Step 6: Remove the paper towels and continue to water the seeds as they begin to green and grow. The majority of the sprouts will be flax, however with all of the crisp’s ingredients being raw you have the possibility of chia and sunflower sprouts appearing.

Step 7: Enjoy sprouts with your next meal or continue the experiment with another crisp flavor!