Travel Case for 8-inch Glass Drinking Straw

This glass drinking straw travel case is the perfect way to take your regular or smoothie sized 8-inch glass straw (straw sold separately) on the go. With its secure snap-lock mechanism, you can be sure that your glass straw will be safe and sound whether you are traveling locally to meet up with a friend for lunch or packing it away in a suitcase for a road trip.

Benefits of the Glass Straw Travel Case

  • Perfectly designed to store your regular or smoothie sized 8-inch glass straw (sold separately)
  • Made out of 50% recycled plastic
  • Secure Snap-Lock to keep your glass straw inside
  • Perfect for taking your glass straw on the go
  • Unique 1 piece construction with living hinge- guaranteed for 2 million openings
  • Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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