Replacement Filter for Water Pitcher

Clean water for the whole family!

Using the most advanced filtration technology (including anti-fluoride technology) available, this replacement filter eliminates up to 99.99% of the harmful contaminates other filters leave behind. Don't put up with Chlorine, Fluoride, and Heavy Metals in your tap water. Now you can have cold, truly filtered water at your fingertips. Just fill up, let the water run through the filter, and pour. Never has getting clean, great-tasting tap water been any easier!

  • Filters last for up to 200 gallons, approximately 300 fill ups.
  • Replace filter every 6 months or when flow becomes restricted.
  • Pitcher is made from 100% BPA-Free, non-leaching Tritan plastic.
  • Pitcher holds up to 8 cups of water

Here are a couple of suggestions to keep your filtered water pitcher in tip-top shape:

  • DO NOT use soap on the filter
  • DO NOT place filter in dishwasher
  • DO NOT place pitcher in freezer
  • DO NOT use with hot water
  • DO NOT use with salt water
  • ALWAYS keep pitcher upright (filter is gravity fed)
*These filters are NOT intended to reduce TDS. Using a TDS Meter is not an accurate representation of water quality. High TDS readings can include healthy minerals and do not indicate poor water quality.

If you're looking for the whole entire water pitcher, please click here.

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