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Organic, Vegan, Plant-Based, Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free

Organic Gift Bag Bundle

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    Surprise your loved one with a gift bag full of Foods Alive goods that is sure to show that special someone that you care about their well-being. Choose between our small or large gift bags. Click on the "Small Gift Bag" tab or "Large Gift Bag" tab above to see what each bag contains.

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    Are the plastic bottles BPA-free and packaged without the use of hexane?

    Yes, we use BPA-free bottles and we do not use hexane gas when bottling our oils and dressings.

    Do your artisan cold-pressed oils and salad dressings need to be shipped refrigerated? Does the shipping time affect the oils?

    Very high heat (over 300 degrees) or prolonged heat over a very long time can degrade the omega-rich oils. However, the relatively short shipment times and variable seasonal temperatures encountered during shipment have been found to be irrelevant when tested. Even shipments arriving during the summer heatwaves can be guaranteed as being potent and unharmed.

    Can I cook with your artisan cold-pressed oils and salad dressings?

    Cooking with our artisan cold-pressed salad dressing is not recommended and really defeats the purpose of Foods Alive taking such great care in pressing the oil at a low temperature. The omega essential fatty acids are very delicate and really high heat will destroy them. But you can use it after cooking on a number of dishes by adding it to your dish once it's on your plate and ready to consume.


    What is the difference between gold and brown flax seed?

    Nutritionally, not much. Our reason for using golden flax seed is taste. Golden flaxseed has a fresher and nuttier flavor, while brown flax seed can often have a bitter flavor.


    Will I test positive for a drug screen if I eat your hemp foods?

    To assure consumers that eating our hemp foods does not cause a confirmed positive drug test for marijuana, we have partnered with the TestPledge program. Foods Alive is committed to keeping THC levels in hemp nut and hemp oil below levels at which failing a workplace drug test is extremely unlikely, even when eating high amounts of these products on a daily basis.

    What are all the different Hemp food products you offer?

    To view all of our hemp products please visit our Hemp Foods page by clicking here.


    Where are your Goji Berries grown?

    Our Goji Berries are produced on Organic farmland in the Ningxia region of China. Ningxia is where the berries have long been commercially cultivated for their superior quality, and to this day, still the most fertile and best area for Gold Standard Goji Berries.


    Is your cacao powder tested for heavy metals?

    Yes, the heavy metal test results of our cacao powder can be viewed by clicking here.

    Is your cacao powder tested for flavonoids such as epicatechin?

    While our Cacao Powder isn't exactly tested for the exact levels of flavonoids such as epicatechin it is estimated at 150mg per 100g in cacao powder. Click Here, to view a link with estimates for phenols including epicatechin.


    Is our Nutritional Yeast Non-GMO?

    Yes. Our Nutritional Yeast supplier is NGE CERTIFIED (certified non-genetically engineered).

    GMO testing has shown there is no GMO protein or DNA in the raw materials used as the growth substrate. The Nutritional Yeast is considered non-GMO, following EEC regulations. They contain no GMO enzymes, have not been solvent-extracted, synthetically preserved, or irradiated. They contain no artificial flavors or colors. There is no sewer sludge, petrochemical substrate, or sulfite waste liquor involved with any step of production. These products comply with NOP regulation 205.605(a)(20) and with 7 CFR 205.301(b&c).

    What is the nutritional yeast grown on?

    Our Nutritional Yeast is grown on beet molasses.

    Are synthetic vitamins added or are they produced naturally?

    Nothing is added and all vitamins and minerals occur naturally. Nothing synthetic is added to our Nutritional Yeast.

    Is it free of candida Albicans?


    Does our nutritional yeast contain MSG?

    No. if you are worried about free amino acids like glutamic and aspartic acid, these would be found in yeast extracts, but not our nutritional yeast.

    Do you have an allergen statement from the manufacture of this product?

    Click here to view the allergen statement.

    Is our Nutritional Yeast tested for lead?

    Yes. Test results are <0.020 ppm (parts per million), this is the detection limit of the equipment used.

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    Foods Alive Gift Bag Variety Pack
    Organic Gift Bag Bundle