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Einkorn is the most ancient wheat ever found to date and can be referred to as Farro Piccolo, known as “nature’s original wheat.”  It is the one of the only types of wheat that has never been hybridized and still only has two sets of chromosomes. In non-scientific language, that means that it’s as pure as it was thousands of years ago!

So many of us are searching for a return to wholesomeness in our food and considering that it has never been changed from the beginning, I’d say it’s extremely nutritious.

Einkorn is a healthy grain with a high content of protein, phosphorous, vitamin B6 and potassium when compared to modern forms of wheat. It also has plenty of carotenoids – the natural red, yellow or orange pigments that are found in many vegetables and fruits, and in a few grains.


Einkorn does contain a little gluten but it's much easier to digest than conventional wheat. Some people who are gluten intolerant are intolerant to the D-genome found in gluten, whereas Einkorn berries do not contain the D-genome-- which is what people are tested for with gluten sensitivities. Instead, Einkorn wheat contains the A-genome. As a result, this ancient grain may work for those with gluten-sensitivities. Make sure you test yourself before consuming large amounts of this ancient grain. I personally started my test by chewing 1 Einkorn Wheat Berry and increased until I could eat up to 50 berries without noticing any reactions in my body.

Brief Comparison of Einkorn and Major Types of Wheat

Wheat Comparison Chart 2

See full nutritional chart comparing 19 types of wheat (pdf), including einkorn.  This matrix also includes sources and references. Click here to view the chart.

Why Grind Your Own Wheat?

Most suppliers of Einkorn sell you flour that has the wheat germ removed so that the wheat can sit on the shelf or in a warehouse for months without bugs getting in it. This is not a nutritious way to consume it.  If you want to grind your Einkorn with the most nutrition, grind the berries into flour yourself and then use as needed. If you want to grind extra for later, grind enough for just a few weeks and store in an airtight container. If you want to grind more,  you should freeze it to maintain its freshness and to keep the bugs out as they also love this nutritious wheat.

My favorite stone bur wheat grinder that I have personally been using for the past 5 years is the Komo Fidibus 21, you can find this on the internet. I just run it through on a medium setting and then run it through a second time on the finest setting. Does a great job to stone grind the wheat for bread, pancakes for whatever your heart desires.

Einkorn consumed when it is freshly ground is the most nutritious way to eat it. What I like the most about Einkorn is the taste and the high protein content.  When I make Grandpa’s feather lite pancakes, my grandchildren love them so much, they ask for seconds. Real maple syrup of course.

Be Creative

Einkorn berries can be treated like any other wheat by milling it into a flour for baking. When it is ground into a flour it can be used in place of whole wheat flour in any dish such as pancakes, waffles, pie crust, biscuits, short bread or a lovely loaf of bread.


Einkorn berries*
*Organic Ingredient

Shelf Life: 2 years
Country of Origin: USA or Canada


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