Ways To Enjoy

Below are just a few of the wonderful ways you can enjoy eating our gluten-free Crackers & Snackers, Artisan Cold-Pressed Oils, Superfood Dressings, and Superfoods.


Crackers & Snackers

Suggested Uses

Coconut Curry Power Crackers On Salad As A Croutons

  • Replace Croutons on Salad
  • Replace Chips for Taco Salad
  • Replace Breadsticks with Spaghetti
  • Use crumbs in Pizza crust and Breads
  • Maple Cinnamon with Rice/Soy milk
  • Coating for Almond balls/Pie crust
  • Topping for Rice/Soy/Ice Cream
  • Topping for Yogurt or Pudding

Suggested Spreads 

Ways To Enjoy Organic Maple Cinnamon Flax Crackers - Foods Alive

  • Jams/Jelly
  • Nut Butters
  • Hummus/Tahini
  • Cream/Soy Cheese
  • Salsa/Gazpacho
  • Tuna/Egg Salad
  • Guacamole
  • Cheese Ball



    Artisan Cold-Pressed Oils & Superfood Dressings

    Ways To Enjoy Artisan Cold-Pressed Oils & Dressings
    • Salads/Slaws
    • Veggie Sub/Pita
    • Pasta/Potato salad
    • Oatmeal/Quinoa
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Veggies/Fish/Chicken
    • Rice/Stir Fry
    • Smoothies/Shakes/Green Drinks
    • Base for a Dressing
    • Dipping sauce
    • Marinades


    Ways To Enjoy Superfoods - Foods Alive

    • Blended Drinks
    • Smoothies/Shakes
    • Superfood/Green Drinks
    • Sprinkle on Salads
    • Granola
    • Trail Mix
    • Breads/Muffins
    • Baked Goods

        How Others Are Using Foods Alive Products

        • I just love the Original flax crackers with some roasted red pepper Hummus! Divine!!!
          –Mary from San Fransisco, CA
        • I am a diabetic so I used the flax crackers as a replacement for bread in a tuna melt "sandwich". What a gourmet treat!
          –C. S. from Chicago, IL
        • I just can't wait to put some of the High Lignan golden flax oil in yogurt and taste away. MMMmmm!
          –Ashley Kendrick from Buies Creek, NC
        • I just picked up a bag of original organic flax crackers today at Sunrise Health Food Store in Orland Park, IL. I came back to work and opened a can of Crown Prince natural smoked Oysters, hand packed in pure olive oil. WOW! WHAT A GREAT COMBINATION AND VERY SATISFYING.
          –Linda G. from Crestwood, IL
        • So delicious plain, but I like to use them as a vehicle for cream cheese, i also was able to use them with some of my crostini recipes.
          –Annabella from Los Angeles, CA

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