• ¾ cup soft spring wheat or rye (or quinoa)


    Rinse and soak grain overnight (8-12 hours) in purified water in large container.
    Drain water from grain.
    Sprout grain 12-24-36 hours until tail is same size as grain.
    Rinse 2-3 times throughout that time.
    Make “starter” in blender by blending sprouted grain in 2 cups purified water for 5 seconds.
    Pour into gallon glass jar.
    Fill with more purified water.
    Stir and cover with a screen or cotton cloth. Secure with rubber band.
    Ferment for 24-36-48 hours at 68-8- degrees (the amount of time it takes to ferment is dependent on temperature).
    Strain and reserve liquid (rejuvelac) off grain and sediment.
    Discard or compost grain and sediment.
    Store rejuvelac in a covered container in the fridge for up to a week.
    Out of fridge – rejuvelac should be kept open to the air.
    Drink at room temperature.
    This is a fermented drink that is full of good bacteria and is good for maintaining a healthy gut and healthy digestion.
    Drink as often and as much as you like.

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