Banks FamilyMegan is Ellen's daughter and the creator of both the Flax oil and Hemp oil versions of Meg's Sweet & Sassy Dressing. This page is a brief history of Megan's recent battle with Lymphoma. In the picture are Megan, her husband, and their four young children.

In September of 2008, Megan started to experience swelling in the right side of her upper body. She tried massage and chiropractic adjustments, but neither reduced the swelling. Her chiropractor suggested that he order an x-ray for her. She had an x-ray taken and they found lymphatic swelling. Further tests and scans confirmed that she had Hodgkin lymphoma.

Her Doctor told her that she needed to start chemotherapy right away. Knowing that chemo was not without its own consequences, she told them that she wanted to explore some other options and do further research with her family. Matt and Tammy challenged Megan to go 30 days raw and she accepted. Megan began eating a diet of mainly raw fruits, vegetables, and sprouted nuts and seeds. She started hanging around Foods Alive almost every day and with our help and encouragement, she started reading more about natural healing, detox, and proper nutrition. She started taking natural herb supplements, drinking wheat grass juice, detoxifying, and learned to relax and enjoy life a bit more instead of maintaining her normally fast-paced lifestyle (if can imagine with 4 kids and a job). This is also when she created her Flax oil.

She noticed some immediate positive changes in her overall health. The migraine headaches she suffered from on a weekly basis became nearly obsolete. Her monthly cycles, that were usually very rough with migraine headaches a couple days before and strong cramps, become much more normal. Unfortunately though, the swelling in her right arm and chest area did not subside as fast as she hoped.

Her arm finally started to drain, but unfortunately, it did not completely drain from her system, instead it moved from her right arm into her right chest. In February, she asked her chiropractor to order another x-ray to see if she had made any progress. The x-ray came back and showed that she had a large amount of fluid (lymph) around her lungs, which was causing her difficulty breathing. Her doctor had her lung drained to give her some relief. She asked him to help her monitor her progress over the next couple of weeks to see if anything was getting better. He agreed and they did a CT scan of her upper right side. They found that the lymphoma combined with the fluid around her lungs was beginning to put pressure on her other vital organs including her heart, and could soon start restricting her blood flow.

After careful consideration and much consultation with her wellness practitioners and family, Megan decided that she would not have enough time to battle this cancer with natural remedies alone. She risked blocking major arteries to the heart if the lymphoma continued to swell. Rather than risk respiratory distress, she chooses to battle the effects of chemotherapy. This was a very difficult decision for her to make, but under the circumstances, we all feel it is the right one. Her physical body is in much better shape now, to battle the toxic chemicals they will inject in her, than she was back in October. She is also much more informed about how to help her body recover from this treatment both nutritionally and spiritually.

Cancer is always a life-changing event for everyone involved. It has definitely helped all of us at Foods Alive to regain appreciation for how fortunate we are to have learned the importance of organic whole foods, eating raw, and proper nutrition and cleansing. Megan has been a true testament to all of us that anyone is possible of change. She went from a pretty Standard American Diet to a mostly raw, vegan diet for 30 days and continued to eat much healthier since that time. The progress she made in other aspects of her health while cleansing and detoxing have opened her eyes to a completely new way of thinking that will benefit her and her family for years to come.

Thank you for taking time to read about Megan and her battle, we truly appreciate it.
With sincere gratitude and blessings to your own health and well being,
Matt Alvord - Foods Alive

Update 1: Sept. 25th, 2009

Megan has finished her 12 rounds of chemotherapy and is starting to feel much better. Her latest scans are showing no more live cancer cells and her lymph has shrunk to normal size. One of her doctors was really pushing for her to do radiation, but after much thought, she has decided against the radiation. (Radiation treatments can increase your risk for other cancers by more than double, so radiation is very much a double-edged sword).

We are now working towards a Detox trip for Megan to Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, or Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. We are working on a 2-week stay, but hoping for 3 weeks so she can really clean her body out and get rid of the chemo drugs that linger around inside.
Please continue with your positive affirmations and prayers, we appreciate them very much!

Update 2: June 7th, 2010

Since her trip last fall to Optimum Health institute in San Diego, Megan has made many changes in her life and her overall health continues to improve. While at OHI, Megan not only learned the importance of proper diet and nourishment for the body, but also the need to nourish her mind and spirit as well. The time spent there was a true awakening for her.

In January, Megan decided that it was time for her to find a career that was better suited for her new lifestyle and started taking classes towards a degree in Therapeutic Massage. She has completed her first semester and is currently enrolled in summer courses. She is enjoying her classes and loves that they reinforce the great things she learned while at Optimum Health.

It has been nearly a year since Megan finished her Chemo treatment (July, 2009) and last week she was given another All Clear from her oncologist. She can now go 6 months between checkups and is not required to have any additional scans, a huge relief for all of us. A special thanks to all of you who have donated, sent special messages, and all of your encouragement, it is truly appreciated!!

I wish all the best to you and yours,
Matt Alvord

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