Cauliflower and Spinach Salad


  • 2 cups chopped cauliflower
  • 4 cups chopped spinach
  • 1 red bell pepper (deseeded and chopped)
  • 3 tbsp Hulled Hemp Seeds
  • 1 tbsp Artisan Cold-Pressed Oil (Flax, Chia, Hemp, Black Sesame)
  • 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon (or lime) juice
  • 1 tbsp dehydrated onion flakes
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • 1 tsp dry mustard powder
  • 1 small clove garlic (or 1/2 tsp garlic granules)
  • 1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt
  • 1 tbsp water


      Make dressing first: Add water to dry ingredients, mix, and then add juice and oil.
      Let dressing sit while you pulse chop all veggies in a food processor.
      Combine veggies and dressing in a large bowl.
      Mix well to coat all the salad in the dressing.
      Let the ingredients sit for a bit to marinate flavors.
      Top with tomato wedges and fresh dill.

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