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Organic, Vegan, Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free

Organic Chia Bundle

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    Save 10% and receive one of each of the following:

    • Chia Seeds (16 oz) - One ounce of Chia seed contains as much omega-3 as 8-ounces of salmon, as much calcium as a cup of milk, as much fiber as 1/3 cup of bran, as much iron as 1/3 cup of spinach leaves, as much vitamin C as 2 oranges, and as much potassium as half a banana.
    • Chia Protein Powder (8 oz) - Chia Protein powder is a high protein and high fiber powder that you can easily add to your blended drinks or use in baked goods to add essential vitamins and nutrients.
    • 100% Chia Oil (8 oz) - Recent studies have health experts turning their attention to this extraordinarily nutritious oil which contains Anti-oxidants and is more than 60% omega-3 fatty acid, one of nature's richest plant sources.



    Are the plastic bottles BPA-free?

    Yes, we use BPA-free bottles made of Polyethylene and the main difference is that our bottle is black to protect it from light which can degrade the oil. If you're looking to ditch plastic completely, we do offer this oil in a 32oz glass bottle up above.

    Do your artisan cold-pressed oils need to be shipped refrigerated? Does the shipping time affect the oils?

    Very high heat (over 300 degrees) or prolonged heat over a very long time can degrade the omega-rich oils. However, the relatively short shipment times and variable seasonal temperatures encountered during shipment have been found to be irrelevant when tested. Even shipments arriving during the summer heatwaves can be guaranteed as being potent and unharmed.

    Can I cook with your artisan cold-pressed oils?

    Cooking with our artisan cold-pressed oils is not recommended and really defeats the purpose of Foods Alive taking such great care in pressing the oil at a low temperature. The omega essential fatty acids are very delicate and really high heat will destroy them. But you can use it after cooking on a number of dishes by adding it to your dish once it's on your plate and ready to consume.

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    Foods Alive - Chia Variety Pack - Chia Seed, Chia Oil, Chia Protein
    Organic Chia Seed 16oz With Nutritional Panel - Foods Alive
    Organic Artisan Cold-Pressed Chia Oil 8oz With Nutritional Panel - Foods Alive
    Organic Chia Protein Powder 8oz With Nutritional Panel - Foods Alive

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