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Today, there are many small, artisan chocolatiers that are leading the charge to make chocolate with less fillers and chemicals, and only using pristine ingredients, the fewer the better. Foods Alive is proud to be one of these in the long history of chocolate artisans by offering our raw and organic velvet Chocolate Medallions made with only three certified organic ingredients. The temperature is monitored every step of the way to insure that it stays below 115° F. This helps to preserve more minerals and nutrients.


Cacao beans are the source of all chocolate, cacao, and cacao butter. Cacao beans were so highly cherished by the Aztecs and Mayans that they were often used as currency and in religious ceremonies.
Raw cacao contains many chemicals that enhance physical and mental well being, including alkaloids, proteins, magnesium, beta carotene, leucine, linoleic acid, lipase, lysine, and some neurotransmitters such as dopamine and anandamide which is the so-called bliss chemical associated with the feeling of being in love. Raw cacao also contains theobromine which is similar in effect to caffeine.
To learn more about the history of cacao, click here.

Be creative and enjoy!

Add raw organic Chocolate Medallions to all your favorite baked goods, desserts, trail mixes, snack on them straight from the bag or anything else you can think of. It even goes great on top of fresh fruit. Delight your friends with the best raw chocolate ever and enjoy!


Raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao butter*
*Organic Ingredient

Shelf Life: 1 year (store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight)

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