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mythos chakra affirmation tumblers

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Foods Alive - Chakra Tumblers

The Mythos Chakra Tumblers are available with different colors and affirmations fired into the bottom of the tumbler. The seven different affirmations featured are tailored holistic concepts of color, symbols, and phrases that are intended to stimulate a responsible and powerful understanding of one’s own skills and potentials. The chakra affirmations include:

  • Crown/Wisdom
  • Brow/Intuition
  • Throat/Creativity
  • Heart/Love
  • Solar/Courage
  • Sacral/Harmony
  • Root/Health

The different colors used with the affirmations correspond to different chakras.

The effectiveness of the Mythos Chakra tumbler to revitalize liquids placed within it is created by its physical shape. The product’s ability to create these effects is guaranteed as long as the physical shape is preserved. No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional, or any other kind of energetics inputs are required to create the revitalization effect.

Each glass is a unique piece. Small imperfections such as slightly different dimensions or small bubbles are not defects, but rather a typical feature of handmade glass products. Each product displays the logo of the energy design which has been fired into the glass.

Sturdy glass, the affirmation providing a personal touch with every sip.

The golden ratio based shape of the Mythos Chakra Tumbler creates a resonance chamber that revitalizes and restructures your drinking water. Drinking vitalized water, influenced by special colors, symbols, words of affirmation, and the unique design, can help us balance our chakras.

Chakras are centers of energy, located on an energy line in the middle of the human body from the head down. There are seven of them, and they govern our psychological properties.

The Mythos Chakra Tumbler is robust and highly suitable for restaurants and caterers. The molded shape makes the glass easy to hold; it is almost impossible to knock over, as it is designed to always revert to an upright position.


Volume capacity: 0.3 liters (10.10 ounces)
Weight: 0.40 pounds each


Standard lead-free quartz glass


The dimensions may differ slightly due to the glass-blowing production.
There may be differences in weight within the given range.
Symbols are burnt in at the glass bottom at about 600 degrees Celsius.

Please note that all glass containers can start to show changes in the surface appearance (development of milky structures) of the glass with the use of aggressive cleaning products. Hand washing is recommended for glasses with the Flower of Life and affirmations burned into the bottom. Deposits on the glass are best removed using warm water and a little citric acid. Apply and let sit for 2 hours before rinsing. Do not use citric acid on the outside of the tumblers.


These products are not connected with any statements about healing nor do they claim to influence the course of an illness. The use of these products are free of promises for increased well-being and requires the self-responsible action of the person using the products.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Brow/Intuition
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Root/Health
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Heart/Love
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Crown/Wisdom
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Sacral/Harmony
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Throat/Creativity
Foods Alive - Mythos Chakra Affirmation Tumblers - Set of 7 - Solar/Courage

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