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Arve Glass Drinking Bottle

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Create incredible structured water with the 'Arve' brand water bottles from Nature's Design. Say "goodbye" to plastic and support the healing of the Earth's oceans.

With these water bottles, you make a statement in regards to your desire and support of the healing of our planet's environment. Disposable plastic bottles are a significant source of environmental degradation. Over 70% of plastic water bottles are never recycled and end up in our landfills and oceans. Arve water bottles are made with 100% green materials: no waste, no plastic! And they restructure the water in three minutes guaranteed.

Arve water bottles are available in two sizes. The smaller version is 0.5 L or 16 fl oz and is practical and easy to manage as it fits in all popular bottle carriers and holders. This size is the most popular. The larger version is 0.7 L or 23 fl oz. The natural cork shell, designed for protection and insulation, fits snuggly yet can be easily removed for cleaning with a few flicks of the wrist.

The design qualifies as a green salute and makes a fashion statement as well. Health experts say you should drink about four liters of water a day to stay well hydrated. So go ahead, be proud and tell people that you are using the first 100% natural bottle in the world. No reason to be shy about it. “Gratitude to the Water” vibrates within you as you drink from this incredible bottle.

All Arve bottles have a white Flower of Life pattern etched into the bottom of the glass adding an additional energetic enhancement. In color therapy the white Flower of Life design symbolizes a focus of physical healing on many levels within Self. Bottles come with a wooden screw top made of Swiss stone pine. These bottles are replacing the Thank You brand bottle that has been discontinued. Extra caps for these bottles can be found under Replacement Parts for Water Bottles.

Production - handmade, traditional workmanship from Portugal

Materials - The bottle is made of 40% lead-free recycled white glass and 60% quartz sand, suitable to withstand temperatures up to 70°C / 158° F. The protective cork sleeve is made of granulated cork bark waste and the rubber rings are made of a natural rubber compound.

The cap has an outer layer of Swiss stone pine with an inner core of a biodegradable material composed primarily of sugar cane, corn starch and lactic acid. This biodegradable material has a half-life breakdown of six months ( i. e. the length of time in which it takes to decompose into it's raw organic materials when placed in landfills) and comply with the EU standards 13432 / EN 14995.

Cleaning - After removing the cork surround, bottle may be washed with a bottle brush and hot soapy water. Cork may be wiped with a damp soapy cloth. Do not immerse the cork in water or place in the dishwasher. You can wipe it with a damp sponge. The wooden cap can be washed with hot soapy water. To remove mineral residues from your bottle, you can use citric acid such as lemon water or distilled white vinegar. The Flower of Life symbol on the bottom of the bottle is durable if cared for gently.

Volume: 0.5L / 16 fl. oz. OR 0.7L / 23 fl. oz.
Height: 7.0" OR 8.0"
Diameter: 3.2" / 8.1 cm OR 3.6" / 9.1 cm
Weight: 1.20 lbs. OR 1.40 lbs.

Pictures of structured water crystal created by the Arve Bottles

Pictures of structured water crystal created by the Thank You BottlesPictures of structured water crystal created by the Thank You Bottle


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Energy Glassware - Arve Water Bottle 0.5L - Foods Alive
Energy Glassware - Arve Water Bottle 0.5L & 0.7L - Foods Alive
Energy Glassware - Arve Water Bottle 0.7L - Foods Alive

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