How to Beat the Heat

August 24, 2021

How to Beat the Heat


Exercising in the heat can be grueling.

When doing so, it's important to follow certain procedures so you can stay healthy and energized while exerting your body during these conditions.

As someone who has experienced overheating and dehydration while exercising in the heat, I wanted to share some tips on how you can prevent this from happening.

Here they are:


How to Beat the Heat

1. Drink PLENTY of fluids.

When you work out in the heat, you sweat. A LOT. This means that it's easier to become dehydrated. Because of this, it is especially important to stay hydrated - before, during, and after the exercise. Aim for around 8 oz of fluid intake for every 15-20 min spent working out. Try to not drink too much at onetime, however, as that could result in an upset stomach.

2. Don't over-exert yourself.

It's important to listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, exhausted, or unable to do something, don't do it. Your body is trying to warn you. If you keep going even when your body is telling you to stop, it could lead to serious injuries, dehydration, sickness, and more - especially in the heat. 

3. Try to workout in the mornings.

The morning is typically the coolest part of the day. This is the time when the sun is just starting to rise and not beaming down on your body. Not only do you beat the heat, but you also are less prone to distractions and it's a great way to start your day! I always love to wake up before work and get a run in because it's cooler out and it puts me in a good mood.

4. Dress accordingly.

This tip is kind of a given... but you'd be surprised the amount of people that I see outside running with a sweatshirt on when it's hot. It's important that you don't overheat when exercising. Make sure that you're dressed in light (color and texture), breathable clothing. You need to treat your body right, especially in the heat. 

5. Afterwards, replenish your electrolytes.

When exercising, in the heat especially, it's important to re-energize your body and replenish it with electrolytes that may have been lost through sweat. Electrolytes help with nerve and muscle function, they hydrate the body, and balance your blood pressure. You can get these through coconut water, by adding a small amount of salt to your water, or sports drinks (make sure that they are low/no calorie drinks).


If you want to beat the heat, make sure that you follow these tips.

Exercising in the heat can be dangerous and could result in injuries, dehydration, and even the hospital depending on how severe it becomes.

Be smart about what you do and make sure you listen to your body!


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