Metabolism: How To Boost it

May 17, 2021

Metabolism: How To Boost it


So many people deal with slow metabolism. You may even be one of them.

Your metabolism has many responsibilities: regulating body temperature, energy levels, and how fast you can either gain or lose weight. Some signs of a slow metabolism include weight gain, chronic fatigue, difficulty losing weight, hair loss, feeling cold, and headaches.

Before I dive into spilling some secrets on how to boost your metabolism, it's important to know what could cause this slow down to happen. For example, your thyroid may be functioning ineffectively, the rate of production of your hormone gland could be off, and/or your lifestyle may be unhealthy.

We are going to be sharing a few tips on ways that you can naturally boost your metabolism, but by no means are we physicians. If having issues, we recommend speaking to a health care expert.

Now, onto the tips:

1. Drink coffee or Green tea

Caffeine is known to speed up the nervous system - which helps to boost your metabolism. Therefore, both Green tea and coffee and smart choices to do so only if used in a smart way. For example, coffee that has an obscene amount of cream, sugar, and syrups could do more harm then good by possibly causing weight gain and an even slower metabolism. Nobody wants that. On the other hand, Green tea is known to have a type of flavonoid called catechin. Catechin helps break down fat molecules while working together with caffeine to boost energy levels. Another positive of Green tea is that it provides caffeine, but you don't get the anxious jitters that coffee can give you. When drinking coffee, make sure not to drink too much and to stay hydrated while doing so. Go pour yourself a cup of coffee, or make some green tea!

2. De-stress

Many studies have found that when you're stressed, your metabolism slows down. Stress causes the body to create more cortisol, a hormone that makes it hard for your body to use insulin, it causes emotional eating, and lessens the ability to sleep and exercise. Some ways to break the stress cycle include eating a healthier diet, making exercise a priority, spending more time in nature, practicing your breath work, and doing what brings you the most joy. Go take a walk outside, color, cook, or whatever you love to do.

3. Cold Showers

Cold showers in the morning have been something that I've been practicing for a while. You may be asking, "why would you ever want to do this?" It may sound unappealing but trust me, there are so many benefits that come along with it that are bound to change your thinking. Focusing only on the metabolism benefit, cold showers are known to activate your body so that it has to heat up to regulate its temperature. This causes more calories to be burned, which means a boost in your metabolism. A cold, 3 minute shower in the morning can change your life and create a healthier you!

4.  Spicy Foods

Spicy food items contain a substance called capsaicin which is known to boost your metabolic rate. These foods can actually cause you to burn an amount of calories per meal you eat. Studies have shown that eating spicy foods increases the normal metabolic rate by 8 percent while slowing down your appetite. Add that hot sauce to your meal - but make sure that it has clean ingredients listed on the bottle :)

5. Get a good nights sleep

A good amount of sleep is vital for the body's proper metabolic rate. Sleep deprivation equals a poor, slow metabolism. It is proven that the lack of sleep causes sugar cravings and unnecessary hunger which slows down metabolism even more when consumed in abnormal amounts. An adequate amount of sleep helps you fight these cravings, causing you to eat healthier which in return, boosts metabolism. Six to eight hours of sleep a night is the proper amount that should be practiced every night. Put all distractions aside and get your sleep! If you tend to stay up late, try to go to bed an extra 30 minutes earlier - then the next day, go to bed 30 minutes earlier than that,  and so-forth and so-forth.


All in all, utilizing these five steps into your routine can play a large role in boosting, and/or fixing your slow metabolic rate. There are so many more options on how to increase your metabolism, but these are a few simple ones that you can incorporate into your daily practices.


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