3 Different Ways to Spice Up Your Water

May 12, 2021

3 Different Ways to Spice Up Your Water

Water is an essential substance in your everyday life. It is vital for hydration, digestion, organ functioning, a healthy metabolism, and more. As stated in our previous blog post about water (you can find here), 64 ounces is the daily recommended amount that an individual should consume. For some, that may be tough so I decided spice things up a bit and offer three different options to transform your boring, plain-old water into something that you will want to consume all day, every day. I promise, drinking water will never feel like a task after you try these:


1. Cucumber Detox Water 

Ingredients: cucumber, lemon, mint

Looking for something that tastes fresh, healthy, and enjoyable while providing the benefits of detoxification? If so, this water is calling your name. This Cucumber Detox Water is a simple and cheap way to make your water more fun to drink. The cucumbers aid in weight-loss, deliver antioxidants, and support healthy skin while the lemon aids in digestion, encourages liver detoxification, and and boosts the immune system. Along with the cucumber and lemon, the mint helps fight stress, boosts brain power, and improves oral care. I mean after hearing all of these benefits, who wouldn't want that??

2. Ginger Zing Water

Ingredients: lemon, orange, ginger

If you like a more sweet and slightly spicy option, then this is the drink for you. Skipping over the lemon benefits (because we already went over them), the ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory, balances blood sugar levels, and fights cancer-causing particles. When putting ginger into your water, you can either grate it, or cut it up in chunks to produce the spicy aroma (personally, I like to grate it because I feel like I can taste it more). Incorporating the orange in this drink allows a release of Vitamin C to enter the water which boosts the immune system, aids in digestion, and flushes out the nasty toxins that are living in your body. As someone who loves to have a little 'kick' in my drink, this is one of my favorites! :)

3. Berry Mint Water

Ingredients: strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, mint

Incorporating berries into your diet - either through eating them or putting them in your drinks - provides so many benefits. Looking to preserve your youthful looks? Well then, here is the drink for you. The berries in this drink have anti-ageing properties because of the dense antioxidant count in them. They also contain properties that aid in boosting your metabolism which causes overall weight loss - so be sure to add these berries in your water!


Although these are just a few of my favorite ways to spice up my water, you can customize yours however best suits you. You can add spices such as Basil, Thyme, Fennel, and Rosemary into your drinks to produce specific flavors and benefits (one of my favorites is to sprinkle some Paprika into my Cucumber Detox Water because it adds some spice along with boosting my metabolism and fighting inflammation). Next, you can add any type fruit you would like, or simply just a lemon! Another way to upgrade your water is to add chia seeds, which are full of Omega 3's, calcium, fiber, Vitamin C, and potassium. 

Lucky for you, here at Food's Alive we offer organic, plant-based, raw chia seeds that go perfect in water. The link for these is here!

Most of all, have fun and be creative with your water. Create something that is enjoyable for you, take a picture, and make sure to tag Foods Alive on social media. We want to see your creations!


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