Benefits of Brazil Nuts

August 31, 2021

Benefits of Brazil Nuts


Brazil nuts aren't just delicious, they also provide so many amazing health benefits.

They are an excellent source of dietary fiber and contain various vitamins and minerals. 

You can enjoy them raw, roasted, and/or salted. They can also be used to make plant-based cheeses, milk, dressings, and even tossed in salads.


4 Major Benefits of Brazil Nuts

1. Rich in Selenium.

Brazil nuts contain more selenium than any other nut. In fact, it is shown that these nuts provide 175% of the daily value that our body needs of this nutrient. Selenium is known to enhance immune function, promote healthy cell growth, and produce a better outcome for cancer. A study found that eating two Brazil nuts a day was just as effective as taking a selenium supplement at raising selenium levels.

2. Supports healthy thyroid functioning.

The thyroid is releases hormones that are essential for growth, metabolism, and healthy body temperature regulation. Selenium is vital for healthy thyroid functioning. It is shown that eating only one Brazil nut a day can support the production of healthy thyroid hormones and proteins. 

3.  Good for your heart.

Brazil nuts contain healthy fats that are heart friendly. They are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and fiber - all in which help to lower heart disease. Brazil nuts aid in decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (good cholesterol) as well as increasing blood vessel functioning. 

4. Boosts brain functioning.

Brazil nuts contain Ellagic acid, which can benefit the brain. Ellagic acid is known to have protective and antidepressant effects on the brain because of the high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it contains. All in all, Brazil nuts are amazing for proper brain functioning, boosting the mood, and decreasing depression symptoms.


Based on these benefits, it is obvious that Brazil nuts are packed full of nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the body.

By simply eating two of these a day, they can provide your body with nutrients and minerals that are necessary, along with reducing the risk of cancers, heart disease, depression, thyroid imbalances, and more.

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