All About Gua Sha and Face Rolling

October 15, 2021

All About Gua Sha and Face Rolling

Gua sha and face rolling are all the rage right now. They are all over social media, people are posting before and after pictures with them, and celebrities are promoting them.

As someone who practices gua sha and face rolling every morning, I've had the opportunity to see the benefits firsthand.

I find that using these items every morning is a form of self-care. I always set aside at least 20 minutes where I can focus on myself through skincare - washing my face, moisturizing, sculpting, rolling, etc.

Side note: I love to put my gua sha stone and facial roller in the freezer before I use them to maximize the benefits and it is so much more calming. I recommend!

So what's the big hype about gua sha stones and facial rollers?

Benefits of Gua Sha & Facial Rolling

1. Promotes Blood Circulation

Scraping your skin with a gua sha stone stimulates microcirculation within the soft tissue of the face. Because of the increased blood circulation, gua sha tends to detox the face and clear out any unwanted toxins, tension, etc. 

2. Improves Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Gua sha can restore firmness and elasticity within the face. It can also promote a bright complexion and relieve muscle tension in the facial area. It is shown that implementing a gua sha routine every morning produces better results than Botox! 

3. Carves the Facial Structures

Gua sha is perfect for tightening, lifting, and sculpting the face. It can fight against signs of aging in the face such as sagging, wrinkles, and dullness. Because gua sha promotes proper circulation of the face, it can make the face seem more sculpted and defined - especially in the jaw and cheekbone area.

4. Promotes Lymphatic Drainage

Gua sha is known to de-puff the face. When you wake up in the morning with a swollen face, gua sha is the way to go! Start with the forehead, move on to the nose, then the cheeks, and lastly the neck. Don't just focus on one area, work on the whole thing!

5. Grounding

Something about practicing gua sha is extremely grounding. The practice helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for helping the body to calm down. It's so nice to set aside time to focus on yourself and your health. 

6. Glowing Skin

Because gua sha promotes blood circulation and drainage in the face, it results in glowing, dewy skin. When used with the moisturizing step of your skincare routine, massaging with a gua sha stone can help to encourage even more hydration into the skin. This tool is also known to help fight against acne and lessen inflammation.


These facial tools are typically made out of stones - jade, rose quartz, etc. When purchasing a gua sha or facial roller, it's important that you make sure that the stone is real. Fake stones are full of toxins and dyes that could be harmful to the skin and cause breakouts and skin disorders. 

You can find these facial tools just about anywhere - Target, Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, etc.


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