May 28, 2021



Lets face it - Air Fryers are the new health craze.

They allow us to fry foods in a healthier way than deep fryers. They require little to even no oil to be used, there's very little clean up to be done afterwards, the food cooks faster, and it doesn't heat up the whole house like an oven does.

You can even use it to reheat your food. What can't an air fryer do??

You seriously can put just about any food you can think of into this product and it comes out perfectly cooked with a perfect amount of crisp, and even slightly charred if you want it. 

You can find these miracles at many different places - Walmart, Meijer, Best Buy, Kohl's … you name it.

The air fryer we use here is a Ninja Air Fryer.


A few things that you can cook in an air fryer are:

French fries
Personal pizzas
Kale chips
Literally, anything else you can think of

Lucky for you, we discovered how to make the easiest, most tasty French fries that are SO much better for you than those greasy, deep fried French fries you can find at just about any restaurant. These require absolutely no oil and come out just as crispy as the grease-fried ones.

Make sure you watch our video on how to make them! This will be linked here!


Below is the recipe so you can make them at home :)


Foods Alive Oil-Free French Fries:

1. Wash whole potatoes thoroughly (however many you would like)
2. Cut them into French Fry-like strips
3. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes to an hour to rid of the starch
4. Drain and rinse off sliced potatoes
5. Pat dry with paper towel (this helps make them crispy)
6. Add desired spices (our Himalayan Pink Salt and Nutritional Yeast are  AMAZING on them)
7. Place in Air Fryer for 15-17 minutes, or until golden, at 400 degrees Fahrenheit
8. Take out and enjoy! 


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